Services Offered by
Slack Attack Communications


At the planning stages, Slack Attack Communications helps you define the objectives you want to achieve with your publication. From there, we develop your production plan, including design of redesign needs, cost estimating, and scheduling.


Our staff of graphic designers offers a wealth of experience in publication design and redesign.

All of our publications are produced using the latest, state-of-the-art page layout programs. Clients are provided with a full proof copy for review, proofreading, and editing. After client corrections are made, another proof is provided for verification and final approval.

We also create new rate cards and sales promotion materials to complement the design and enhance the sales effort.


On an administrative basis, the tasks we perform include keeping a detailed advertising sales log and insertion order file, invoicing and tearsheets, posting and depositing of checks, accounts receivable management, payment of sales commissions, and collection of past due accounts, We provide a per-issue status report on all sales and financial functions.

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